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Challenge Owner(s)
Haidilao Hot Pot, Mr Bean, Polar, Tong Garden, Uncle Saba's
Organiser(s) Enterprise Singapore
Industry Type(s)
Food Manufacturing, Food Services
Opportunities and Support Cash prize of S$10,000, mentorship from industry experts and opportunity to retail your snack solution online & offline
Application Start Date 1 June 2021
Application End Date 26 July 2021
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About Challenge

Asia's Great Snack Challenge 2021 is now closed. Stay tuned for more information on the next run!

Do You have the Next Big Snack that Singapore will go crazy for?

Enterprise Singapore is launching Asia’s Great Snack Challenge 2021, in collaboration with beloved food brands like Mr. Bean, Polar Puffs & Cakes, Haidilao Hot Pot, Tong Garden and Uncle Saba’s, to find the next innovative snack. If you have an idea for the next best-selling snack in Singapore and the rest of Asia, enter one of the tracks below and join this challenge for a chance to see your idea hit the shelves!

Snacks are believed to be the future of food. They are such a great source of joy and provide a sense of comfort. In fact, Mondelez International’s 2019 Global Consumer Snacking Trend Study reported that 61% of adults globally cannot imagine their life without snacks.

Snacks are also one of the fastest-growing food categories within Singapore’s food industry, spurring the F&B players to create locally-made snacks with Asian and International flavours.

If you have the recipe for the next best-selling snack in Singapore and the rest of Asia, click “Learn More” below and join this challenge. This challenge is open to both Startups and Individuals in Singapore!

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Industry Types(s)
Food Manufacturing, Food Services

Asia's Great Snack Challenge: Local & International Flavours

We have seen a rise in demand for exciting international tastes that provide travel-deprived consumers with a way to “travel the world” through authentic and regional flavours.

If your snack is a twist on a traditional Singaporean recipe or a famous international one, this category is for you!

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Industry Types(s)
Food Manufacturing, Food Services

Asia's Great Snack Challenge: Comfort & Indulgence

We all love indulging in our comfort foods.

During the pandemic, consumers turned to comfort food to support their emotional wellbeing and we see this trend continuing as consumers cope with the reality of a “new normal”.

If your snack is a decadent pleasure to treat yourself, this is the category for you! 

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Industry Types(s)
Food Manufacturing, Food Services

Asia's Great Snack Challenge: Better For You

Who said that snacks can't be healthy?

Healthy snacks are a trend that has been picking up steam as health concerns related to food are becoming more prominent.

A new generation of functional snacks (e.g. low fat, low calorie, source of protein, fibre and antioxidants) that support a healthy lifestyle is starting to emerge, providing consumers with the right reason to indulge.

However, taste will always be the top priority, so if you have a guilt-free yet tasty snack recipe, this is for you!

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Industry Types(s)
Food Manufacturing, Food Services

Asia's Great Snack Challenge: Plant-Based

Plant-based diets are trending, as they are both healthy and better for the environment.

For example, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, nuts, lentils and soy-based snacks are increasingly sought after by consumers looking to increase their plant food intake.

If your snack is plant-powered, this category is for you!

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Winners and Finalists

Congratulations To Our Winners and Finalists!

ArdensBake ArdensBake (WINNER of the Startup Track)

Seeded Sourdough Crackers

Seeded Sourdough Crackers 'ArdensBake' is proud to present our Seeded Sourdough Crackers - a specialty baked, high quality, super healthy, and artisanal snack food alternative that aims to satisfy today’s snack-ie AND and health conscious consumers of all ages.

Wok Puffs (WINNER of the Open Category Track)

For all those struggling to work through a sian afternoon, we bring you Wok Puffs - the first ever snack shot designed to give your mind the quick getaway it deserves! Enliven your senses - crispy rice puffs with anassortment of bold flavour-packed condiments crafted to capture the essence of your local fried rice favourites.

Shiok la Chilli (FINALIST of the Startup Track)

Singapore's first ever deep fried chilli snack! Made locally! Unbelievably delicious and addictive. Can be eaten on its own or on top of rice or noodles.

Truly Chewy Munchies

Truly Chewy Munchies (FINALIST of the Startup Track)

Healthy, convenient, nutritious and delicious awesomeness compressed into a granola bar! Fortified with a special blend of all-natural, tasty TCM ingredients, this invigorating snack is perfect for the health conscious seeking an on-the-go option.

Angie’s TempehAngie’s Tempeh (FINALIST of the Startup Track)

Tempeh Bak Kwa

Angie's Tempeh Bak Kwa is a plant-based version of a perennial favourite Singaporean jerky. Tempeh is jam-packed with rich prebiotics that promote digestive health and has a nutritious high protein, low carb content. Angie's Tempeh Bak Kwa is the new cruelty-free and sustainable way to enjoy this Chinese New Year favourite snack

Fiberworks (FINALIST of the Startup Track)

Upcycling food by-products into high fibre healthy snacks. Chocolate Thins - butter cookies packed with 6 % dietary fibre. A bittersweet taste of chocolate with a nutty and savory touch. In addition, the crispy texture completes the snacking enjoyment. Granola Delights - crispy and crunchy bars packed with 9 % dietary fibre. Infused with natural sweetness and fruity tanginess for multisensorial richness and indulgence!

The un-possible kitchen

The Un-possible Kitchen (FINALIST of the Startup Track)
Paleo Torti Chips 

Clean Snacking is In! Our Paleo Torti Chips are not only delicious, they do not contain additives or preservatives. Plant-based, Paleo & Keto Friendly, Low Glycemic Index, Grain & Gluten Free!

Afterglow Afterglow (FINALIST of the Open Category Track)

Dehydrated Salted Eggless Kale Chips 

Kale Chips with ‘Cheesy’ Salted Eggless Yolk Sauce We created a Salted Eggless Yolk Sauce (with no egg involved) to coat over dehydrated kale providing an healthier plant based alternative.

Shroom Story (FINALIST of the Open Category Track)


Is it Jerky? Is it Bakkwa? No! It's 麻(MÁ)shrooms. Sustainably sourced king oyster mushrooms handcrafted with spices and servings of crunchy peanuts and chilli flakes.

MunchDu Chips
MunchuDu Chips (FINALIST of the Open Category Track)

Truffle Mandu (Dumpling) Chips

First, in the market design, crisp that looks like a mini dumpling made entirely from plant-based ingredients. Crispy and tasty with the aid of technology which creates an impactful flavour profile.

AGSC 2021: The Grand Finals and Beyond - January 3, 2022
By Enterprise Singapore 

We’ve concluded the Grand Finals of Asia’s Great Snack Challenge (AGSC) 2021 – held on 16 Dec 2021 at Lau Pa Sat – and crowned two grand winners! After months of hard work, research and experimentation, the contestants at last had the chance to present their innovative snack products to the judges.

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By Enterprise Singapore

Over the weeks, we got to learn more about the finalists of Asia’s Great Snack Challenge (AGSC) 2021 – their scrumptious snack creations, inspiring stories and innovation journey.

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By Enterprise Singapore

The last two finalists for Asia’s Great Snack Challenge are looking to bring artisanal products infused with traditional elements to our retail shelves – restoring a sense of craft to the rows and rows of mass-produced snack foods which are ubiquitous these days.

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By Enterprise Singapore

This week, we shed light on two finalists whom — appropriately for a competition that seeks to find Asia’s next great snack— draw inspiration across Asia, creating a Pan-Asian platter of snacks.

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By Enterprise Singapore

This week’s two featured finalists of Asia’s Great Snack Challenge 2021 are taking the lead in showing us what the future of snacks might look like – with unusual futuristic ingredients, their creations would not be out of place in a science fiction film.

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By Enterprise Singapore

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the first two finalists featured in our series on Asia’s Great Snack Challenge (AGSC). The competition, organised by Enterprise Singapore, aims to find Singapore’s next great innovative snack.

The finalists have been working with corporate partners and beloved food brands such as Mr Bean, Polar Puffs & Cakes, Haidilao Hot Pot, Tong Garden and Uncle Saba’s, to develop and refine their products over the past 2 months.

Up next we have two new finalists – each with their delicious offerings and unique stories of innovation and experimentation to share. Salted egg and mala-flavoured snacks are now ubiquitous in Singapore, and have even become popular souvenirs for visitors to bring a taste of Singapore home.

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By Enterprise Singapore

Our first two finalists of Asia’s Great Snack Challenge (AGSC) 2021 draw inspiration from Asia’s diverse food traditions and cultures – as you will soon realise, this will prove to be a recurring and quite apt theme for our ten finalists, who have made it through the challenge rounds.

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By Tangible

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, normal life has changed significantly and as a work-from-home culture has become part of the new normal, we have witnessed a shift in how we snack that may suggest a precedent for the future.

43 percent of respondents said they snacked to relieve boredom or frustration, while 55 percent snacked for comfort.As a result, brands should consider how they tell their stories and how they engage with their customers on a more personal level.

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By Vulcan Post

Plant-based protein alternatives have been trending recently, but what were vegans eating before the likes of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat?

E-commerce entrepreneur Angeline Leong, 27, struggled to find a wholesome and natural plant-based protein suitable for daily consumption as a vegetarian.

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By FoodIngredientsFirst

The snacking market is being pulled in a multitude of directions - indulgence versus health, novelty versus comfort, and plant-based versus animal-based. Experts from Symrise, Almond Board of California and Lallemand Bio-Ingredients also speak to FoodIngredientsFirst about the mixed impact of COVID-19 and the rise of snackification.

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By Enterprise Singapore

Open innovation has been a game changer for businesses – small and large – globally. By tapping the know-how of partners in the value chain, companies are discovering it pays to collaborate externally to improve business processes, develop new products and bring them to market quicker. For the food industry in Singapore, open innovation has helped some traditional businesses transform and develop new products from scratch.

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By Rice Tong

Capturing consumers’ taste buds is definitely not easy – preferences and palates change over time and diversify across regions. Nevertheless, it is apparent that in recent years, people are less reliant on three square meals per day. Not only is there a higher demand for health nourishment, but consumers are also nostalgic for traditional flavours and textures that offer them emotional comfort and satisfaction. These contribute to a growing market of new snack products backed by extensive market research and innovative technologies. Hence, there are increasingly more exciting career opportunities for food science graduates and students or any foodie innovators like yourself to be part of the game.

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By Rice Tong

What’s better than sitting on your sofa and snacking? Snacking can get us through thick and thin – our boring humdrum days by giving us an extra boost of energy. Crunching on snacks can also reduce stress and improve our mood especially when we’re hangry. You know who you are!

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Watch the Grand Finals replay here | 16 December 2021, 3pm

What a treat!

After months of preparation through the incubation phase, two finalists of Asia’s Great Snack Challenge 2021 emerged as Grand Winners – walking away with S$10,000 cash prize each. Congratulations to Ardens Bake, with their healthy and delicious seeded sourdough crackers and Wok Puffs with their wholegrain puff rice snack!

This is just the beginning – we are supporting the 10 emerging snack brands with a common goal to be Asia’s hottest selling snacks by partnering retailers Food Folks at Lau Pa Sat and RedMart to showcase their new innovations in January 2022.

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