About National Innovation Challenges



Can companies develop on-site treatment of food waste segregation and recycling for premise owners? Are there better ways to ensure senior patients follow their medication regimen? These are examples of open innovation challenges you will find under the National Innovation Challenges (NIC).

The NIC is a nation-wide open innovation initiative for startups, SMEs, corporates, Trade Associations & Chambers, research institutions, and government agencies to fast track solutions.

Challenges under this category include industry-wide issues that businesses grapple with, as well as medium- to long-term solutions for businesses to emerge stronger post-COVID.

As challenge owners, you can access a diverse pool of solvers with cross-industry expertise. As solution providers, you will receive support and potential funding to develop and deploy your solutions swiftly.

S$40 million in funding has been dedicated to the NIC to ramp up the development and adoption of solutions, where each challenge is allocated up to S$2 million.

The NIC was launched in July 2020, and builds on Enterprise Singapore’s Open Innovation Challenges with government agencies, the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s Open Innovation Platform and  National Research Foundation’s R&D investments.

Find out more information on each innovation call and how you can participate.