Innovation Challenges

Challenge Owner(s)
Container Depot & Logistics Association of Singapore (CDAS), SATS Ltd, YCH Group Pte Ltd
IPI Singapore, Enterprise Singapore
Industry Type(s)
Air Transport, Digital/ICT, Land Transport, Logistics, National Innovation Challenges
, Sea Transport
Application Start Date 22 July 2020
Application End Date 15 October 2020
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About Challenge

Into its second year, the Trade and Connectivity Challenge (TCC) 2020 connects startups with corporates to address challenges and showcase innovation in the aviation, maritime, land mobility, logistics and trade sectors. Several of this year’s TCC problem statements with wider industry relevance will be part of the National Innovation Challenges, which aim to help companies emerge stronger and address mid- and long-term sectoral challenges in the post-COVID era.


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Challenge Owner(s)Container Depot & Logistics Association of Singapore (CDAS)
Industry Types(s)
Land Transport, Logistics, National Innovation Challenges

Container Depot & Logistics Association of Singapore (CDAS)

How might we reduce the time taken and the reliance on manual labour to improve productivity for the container inspection process and eliminate risky activities such as working at height?

What We Are Looking For

To develop an autonomous or remote inspection solution that can effectively detect, assess and classify defects on containers and tag findings to respective containers. The solution should improve container depots’ handling capacity. This will increase the sector’s productivity and reduce reliance on manual labour. Remote inspection capability will also make the sector more attractive to locals. The capability could be exported to other foreign container depots to improve productivity.

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Challenge Owner(s)YCH Group Pte Ltd
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Logistics, National Innovation Challenges

YCH Group

How might we develop an effective, cost efficient and user-friendly resource management and planning solution which enables optimisation of productivity with regard to manpower and equipment utilisation?

What We Are Looking For

This solution should cater to post-COVID 19 work settings, where operations has to factor in Business Continuity Planning (BCP) requirements, social distancing and workforce segregation. The platform is envisaged to be powered by IoT devices and machine learning capabilities. It should be able to provide value through tracking, visualisation, analysis, prediction and optimisation.

Interoperable Solutioning: This solution should be able to integrate with our existing software solutions including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management systems (WMS).

Managing Staffing Requirements: Our distribution centre has many customers from different sectors, hence there are different peak-season period where resources are not being fully maximised. In a post-COVID world scenario, there has to be granularity of data to allow for a “safe” workplace. Tracking the location of the individual is desirable, not necessarily to an exact location, but to that of the floor level for example.

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Challenge Owner(s)SATS Ltd
Industry Types(s)
Air Transport, Logistics, National Innovation Challenges


How might we develop a cost-effective common tagging solution for the Singapore airfreight industry to track and trace air cargo and provide visibility at each stage of the handling process (e.g. warehouse handling, arrival, uplift onto aircraft)?

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