Innovation Challenges

Challenge Owner(s) Temasek Foundation
Organiser(s) Temasek Foundation
Industry Type(s) Healthcare & Biomedical
Opportunities and Support Opportunity to testbed solution with local healthcare institutions
Application Start Date 3 June 2022
Application End Date 1 July 2022
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About Challenge

Temasek Foundation is currently conducting a thematic grant call for solutions aimed to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). HAI are infections that are typically not present at the time of admission into the hospital. As medical care becomes more complex and antibiotic resistance increases, the cases of HAI are expected to increase further. While it is impossible to eliminate 100% of HAIs due to nature of healthcare facilities, patients’ condition, and/or care rendered, it can certainly be better managed and reduced. We are seeking solutions that deliver better patient health outcomes (including but not limited to clinical, functional and patient reported outcomes). Some examples are faster and safer care (lower transmission rates, reduced complications) and better patient experience (shorter hospital stay).

The Foundation supports translational implementation and pilot-testing of innovative solutions, and the eligibility criteria and application guidelines can be accessed in the link above. Interested parties who have completed their proofs of concept, and need support to create and demonstrate prototypes in an operational environment are encouraged to submit their proposals online, using the Grant Application Form.
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