Innovation Challenges

Challenge Owner(s)
Trade and Fashion Federation (Singapore), Carrier Transicold, Changi Airport Fuel Hydrant Installation, City Developments Limited, E3 Sports, Edtrix Innovation, Infineon Technologies, Panasonic, Singapore Airlines, Singtel Future Makers
, Soilbuild Construction Group Ltd, Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Ministry of Manpower, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, Textile & Fashion Federation (TAFF), National Heritage Board (NHB), Wareesan, Kinder
Organiser(s) Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)
Industry Type(s)
Digital/ICT, Electronics
Opportunities and Support Total of S$630,000 in prize monies
Application Start Date 1 April 2020
Application End Date 5 June 2020
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21 challenges, $630k in prize monies - the new Innovation Call for IMDA’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP) is now open!

Real business problems from the likes of BCA, Panasonic, Singtel and more, it’s your chance to collaborate with these industry leaders and develop your solutions under the guidance of innovation experts in the field. Ready to seize new opportunities? Sign up now.

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Challenge Owner(s)Ministry of Manpower
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Electronics

How might we create a diagnostic tool to identify and track STF hazards in Facilities Management, so that intervention measures could be taken to remove the hazard?


A prototype solution that can track and identify STF hazards in buildings. The solution could include both hardware and software, and be able to perform the following functions:

• Auto-detect and record of STF and near misses on site using recording devices. This could be but is not limited to wearable devices and cameras. Near misses can be (i) a slip or trip that resulted in a fall but no injury, or (ii) a near slip or trip that did not result in a fall. Trips can happen due to protruding objects or structural defects, whereas slips are usually caused by slippery surfaces.

• Identify hot spots of near misses based on geolocation. • Alert supervisor and/or facilities manager of the STF hazard and has an audit trail or process to track when the hazard has been resolved.

• Perform data analysis to generate insights, e.g. workers who are more prone to STF, top causes of STF and time taken to resolve hazards. 

Challenge Owner(s)Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

How might we create a virtual environment to better assess foreign construction workers trade skills competency, to reduce the need of an on-site assessor?


A prototype solution that can simulate a virtual environment to enable the foreign workers to be assessed with the trade skillsets. The solution should: • Be dynamic, allowing more than one virtual environment to be simulated

• Assess quickly and in higher accuracy of the level of competency of the users

• Identify areas of mistakes and recommendations for workers to improve

• Be light-weight and easy to self-assessment by foreign workers in their own home country 

• Take into considerations more than 1 trade skills will be tested by the centre

Challenge Owner(s)Wareesan
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Real Estate

How might we create a dynamic yet able to meet time specific needs with automated exhumation scheduling and re-interment placement process of graves?


A prototype scheduling and placement (reburial) system that considers key data points and human inputs throughout the entire process of registration, verification, exhumation and rei-nternment. This system must take into account factors such as, but not limited to, grave location, identification, weather and terrain conditions, and scheduling changes. 
Challenge Owner(s)Trade and Fashion Federation (Singapore)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Retail

How might we automate the onboarding process of event participation from the collection of information to allocation of space so as to enhance the efficiency and save time for higher value work?


A prototype solution that can facilitate and manage event onboarding from reaching out to participants, gathering their information to best-fit space allocation. The solution would need to: • Have configurable in-built electronic forms to capture, store and collate participants’ responses into individual participant profiles presented in a structured and digestible format, for easy reference

• Allow import of CAD drawings and existing floor plans to create to-scale event layouts

• Integrate with participant profile list, for user to easily assign space according to requirements, ensuring proper spacing and flow

• Create and save event layout templates and designs for easy access • Cloud-based real-time collaborative viewing or editing

• Compatible with various device form factors (computer, tablet and smartphone) 

• Allow download in multiple scales and formats • Consist of the event checklist that can help brands and TaFF track the submission of information and necessary materials, as well as payment

Challenge Owner(s)Soilbuild Construction Group Ltd
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Precision Engineering

How might we intelligently manage and perform preventive maintenance of equipment and machinery in our construction and pre-fabrication facility?


A prototype solution to digitise physical assets onto a digital platform that enables optimal uptime of ICPH factory facility. 

The solution should:

• Be able to work with industry-compliant software and share information on the BIM, as necessary using standard APIs.

• Solution must demonstrate reduced need for manpower and increase overall productivity in the facility equipment management.

• Be applicable to most equipment and machinery in the ICPH factory. 

• Design with an interface that is easy-to-use for workers on site. 

Challenge Owner(s)Singapore Airlines
Industry Types(s)
Air Transport, Digital/ICT, Food Manufacturing, Food Services, Logistics

How might we track and measure inflight food waste effectively and accurately so that we can manage food resources more sustainably ?


A prototype solution demonstrating an integrated system capable of:

• Tracking and measuring food wastage accurately during each flight

•Tracking and measuring consumption levels (consumed, partially consumed, unconsumed) of inflight food and inventory-managed consumables such as:

- Airline meal (main)

- Fresh juices, fruits, cheese (perishables)

- Dry food (biscuits, chips)

- Desserts (ice cream, cakes)

- Drinks (canned soft drinks, alcoholic beverages)


• Assisting the airline in making better decisions around food production and storage, allowing the same level of quality service inflight in a more responsible and sustainable way

• Easy employment onboard planes 
Challenge Owner(s)Singtel Future Makers
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Healthcare & Biomedical

How might we enhance community care for post hospitalisation patients and persons with disabilities 


A Proof-of-Concept (POC) solution that validates the usability, functionality and utility of good quality home self-rehabilitation care. The solution should be designed to be elderly/Persons with Disability centric.

The solution should be able to provide:

• Seamless integration and user-friendly to encourage users to practice self-rehabilitation with minimal reliance on caregivers and healthcare professionals.

• Track and monitor on users’ health conditions and recommend appropriate lifestyle adjustments.

• Allow medical or care professionals to assess the condition of the user overtime 

Challenge Owner(s)Singtel Future Makers
Industry Types(s)
Environmental Services, Logistics

How can we leverage on digital technologies to further encourage participation in circular economy by our business partners and customers?


A Proof-of-Concept (POC) solution that enables Singtel, their business partners and customers to reduce negative environmental footprint.

The solution can:

• Target different stakeholders in Singtel ecosystem, including customers, retail partners, and other business partners.

• Encourage more participation in waste reduction through the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) 

• Improve packaging or supply logistic chain patterns and techniques for an environmentally friendly circular system

These can be innovations in e.g. packaging, technology, labelling and education to drive the agenda forward of establishing best practices for 3Rs. 

Challenge Owner(s)Singtel Future Makers
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Electronics, Financial Services

How can we leverage on mobile wallets to enable financial inclusion, especially for underprivileged and social enterprises?


A Proof-of-Concept (POC) solution for an innovative way to expand the use of mobile wallets amongst donors, beneficiaries, and social enterprises • It can be a standalone solution, with the potential of integrating with Singtel Dash, or an API to be integrated into mobile wallet.

• The solution should be designed to be easy to use for the beneficiaries, where they could be illiterate, senior or have special needs 

• The solution should aim to encourage mobile wallet users to give back to the vulnerable population in a safe and accountable manner that meets their needs

Challenge Owner(s)Singtel Future Makers
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Education Services

How might we use digital technologies to inculcate positive community engagement through the eSports platform


A Proof-of-Concept (POC) solution that would improve community engagement through eSports digital platform. 

These could include, but not limited to the following:

• Outreach: Digital content related to eSports to promote upskill opportunities for youths

• Engagement: Facilitate in developing relevant skillsets (game development, or other relevant skills needed in the gaming ecosystem), as well as encourage an active offline lifestyle

• Inclusion: Creating a social experience for everyone through esports activity to ensure acceptance in all level of social status.

Challenge Owner(s)Panasonic
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

How might we use an AI system to effectively and accurately validate patent claims and assess its potential value and infringement risks


A prototype with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities:

• Construe the descriptive language used in patent claims and reference them to specific terms used in the relevant Technical Standard documents.

• Should provide suggestions and narrow down the scope of documents to study

• Greatly reduce the analyst’s workload through improved efficiency of patent spec study.

Prototype should also automatically generate EOU reports:

• Provide references on the match between the patent claims with relevant sections of the Technical Standard Shortfall of existing solutions:

• Search engines and databases: assist with the search and display of publicly available patents based on similarity scores across the whole document but provide inadequate technical analysis of patents from a previously specified group of patents

• NLP technologies: consider the similarity between synonyms or combination of words. However, they fail to contextualise the full scope of the patent and accurately maps to Technical Standards

Challenge Owner(s)National Heritage Board (NHB)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Education Services

How might we identify and track registered visitors through facial recognition, under low lighting conditions and multiple pathways, in a reliable and secure manner to enhance the end-to-end customer experience at our museums 


A Proof-of-Concept (POC) solution that can meet the following requirements:

• Multi-layered solution cantered on reliable facial recognition solution that can authenticate and identify unique persons quickly and to a high degree of accuracy

• Ease of acquisition and registration, as well as deployment in a kiosk solution

• Secure solution that is respectful of privacy concerns and legislation

• Ease of integration with services such as visitor registration/ticketing systems, multimedia content delivery channels (i.e. digital screens), web applications

• Able to quickly identify and send real-time notifications and alerts for persons of interest (e.g. VIPs)

• Affordable and with minimal hardware deployment and ideally able to work off existing cameras (e.g. Analog as well as IP cameras) or inexpensive off-the-shelf models 

• Reliable analytics features that can help trace visitor journeys accurately and identify individual as well as group profiles

• Demonstrate ability to be integrated as a solution to surprise and delight out customers

• Able to work effectively in variable and low lighting conditions

• Compatibility with GOVTECH National Digital Identity products would be preferred

Challenge Owner(s)Infineon Technologies
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Logistics

How might we gain insights of the customer’s ordering behavior to facilitate an improved order management with better customer experience? 


A Proof-of-Concept of a solution to understand various customers’ order behaviours and the corresponding fulfilment issues that may result in poor customer experience:

• Generate insights which empower Infineon’s Customer Management Logistics to understand their customers’ order patterns better, and manage their customers’ orders to enhance customer experience 

• Capture order placements and changes made by the customers and calculate the resulting change in the estimated delivery date, and the impact to customer 

• Greatly reduce the analyst’s workload through improved efficiency of patent spec study

Challenge Owner(s)Kinder
Industry Types(s)
Education Services, Food Manufacturing

How can we enhance the play value of our Kinder Toys through the creation of smart toys with new functionalities and are safe for young children?


A prototype solution that:

• Effectively enhances the play-value for children and family by incorporating new materials (e.g. cellulose, paper, smart-polymer) and/or harness new technologies (e.g. energy storage/generation, audio, illumination and actuation)• Is scalable on industrial scale• Contains materials that are 100% safe

The prototype’s new functionalities must embody the Kinder Play Values: Imagination, Socialising Learning

Here are some useful criteria to evaluate and model the new functionalities:

• Target consumer age is between 4 to 7 years old
• Intuitive and immediate playability
• Inspiring and surprising effect
• Size impression
• Multilayer play experience (more than 1 way to play)

Challenge Owner(s)E3 Sports
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Education Services, Electronics

How might we prevent children from drowning using a wearable device to provide enhanced supervision for parents?


We are looking for a solution that can increase the supervisory capabilities of a parent,  to provide instant notification to them if their child becomes distressed and is at risk of drowning.

The solution needs to include:

• A wearable device, suitable for children, that is waterproof and can detect biological signs of distress consistent with drowning risk (for example heart rate or distinct body movements) and transmit a distress signal from up to two metres underwater, with a range of at least 200 metres to a mobile device

• The transmission to the mobile must be 100% reliable within 200m

• An algorithm or similar that can monitor the biological signal from the device (either running within the wearable device or on the mobile phone) and trigger a distress notification

• A mobile phone app that receives and monitors the signal from the wearable device, and can effectively alert the parent of any distress signal, overriding other settings on the phone to ensure the notification will be obvious to the parent

• Some form of location information to help the parent quickly locate the child if they have ceased to be visible

Challenge Owner(s)City Developments Limited
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Real Estate

How might we create a digital collaboration tool, powered by collective data insights, for shopping mall tenants to collaborate among themselves, so as to provide complementary products and services for the mall-goers?


A prototype digital collaboration tool that enables shopping mall tenants to have an overall bird’s eye view of the resources and activities within the mall.

The solution should:

• Be able to extract data from the mall’s existing database to perform data analytics and potential matching of tenants based on information like service hours, nature of business, complementary customer segments, potential areas for collaboration, etc.

• Be able to amalgamate and analyse the data of tenants (e.g., service hours, type of service, etc.) and mall customers (e.g., shopper demographics and buying patterns).
• Provide a visual interface that allows tenants to easily filter each other’s service information by categories so that they can easily identify partners or collaborators (e.g., common service hours, common end customer, common tier of products, current promotions happening etc.) 
• Leveraging on technology such as data analytics and AI to augment the process of collaboration by identifying trends and patterns in tenant and customer behaviour not easily observed before. This information can then be pushed to tenants to initiate new collaboration possibilities.
• Provide a convenient way for tenants to communicate with each other to explore ideas

Challenge Owner(s)Carrier Transicold
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Land Transport, Logistics

How can we elevate our customers’ digital experience in a seamless and personalised manner by providing valuable integrated insights across Carrier’s suite of digital solutions?


A prototype solution for an innovative way to enhance the customer experience from 2 perspectives:

• Broad: An integrated solution that can pull together insights from all 
(or several) Carrier digital solutions that will provide a dashboard-like overview to a customer who needs to manage a large fleet of assets. The solution should demonstrate how services and information can come together to provide further value to the customer that motivates them to return only to Carrier Transicold for further business, including warranty and maintenance servicing support

• Narrow: Improving the customer experiences of TripLINK telematics platform, Micro-Link 5 controller, E-commerce Portal for parts and ContainerLINK app individually by providing more insights by leveraging data analytic
Challenge Owner(s)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Food Services, Retail

How might we provide an e-commerce Management Platform that can efficiently connect various franchisors (Corporate RSPs) with their respective franchisees (neighbourhood stores) and their marketing executives (individual RSPs) to enable seamless partnership and operations?


• Proof-of-Concept (POC) solution of a platform that enables a network of franchisors to engage, interact and transact with their marketing executives and franchisees;User-friendly and comprehensive ecommerce platform with the relevant set of features that can:

• Allow brands to create, sell and market products, manage inventory, accept and process payment.• Provide a consolidated view of demand, supply, transactions (e.g.franchisee sales volume, order tracking and fulfilment) and customers across all channels and fulfilment locations.• Provide registration, onboarding and performance management of franchisees and marketing executives.

Challenge Owner(s)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Electronics

How might we provide an integrated mobile platform that can enable, track and manage communications and transactions between app users (home residents) and ResidentServices™ Providers (RSPs) and effectively connecting and engaging them, so that we can turn these data into valuable insights, predictions and decisions?


Proof-of-Concept (POC) digital mobile platform that can enable, track and manage communications and transactions, that are intuitive and user -friendly with the following capabilities:

• Study residents’ behaviours in each estate. 
• Find the correlation among type of services, price of services, and type of estates where services are offered.
• Predict trends of services offered. 
• Discover new type of services in demand. 
• Extract and study the raw data and transform into useful statistics and product reports for next course of action.

Challenge Owner(s)Singapore International Chamber of Commerce
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

How might we automate the majority of phone queries from our customers, so that our staff can focus on speeding up processing of certificates of origin?


A prototype solution with AI capabilities for handling the following customer inquiries:

• When they seek an update on the processing status of their certificate of origin (estimated completion time).

• Communication and explanation of issues that are holding up processing, that require actions from the customer (for example, incomplete documentation). 

In performing these tasks, the solution needs to:

• Provide a better experience for our customers through self-service via the solution, so that they are incentivised to use the solution for their information needs, and not call us directly

• Substantially reduce the number of phone calls coming in to the office, as customers prefer to use the solution instead of calling 

• Give back time to our staff so they can focus on assessing and granting certification (for example, the solution should not involve creating more work around data entry, negating the time saved from not handling customer queries) and therefore lead to a better workplace experience

• Help our customers to improve the quality of documentation over time as they better understand what they need to provide to get a quick result

Challenge Owner(s)Changi Airport Fuel Hydrant Installation
Industry Types(s)
Air Transport, Precision Engineering

How might we detect leaks in the Changi Airport Fuel System in real-time, without disrupting operations and without the need for excavation?


A prototype solution that can detect leaks of Jet A1 Fuel from the underground pipes within a short time of the leak occurring.

The solution needs to:

• Be able to identify leaks (through a drop in pressure, detection of hydrocarbons, or any other relevant form of sensing) even while the system is in operation, and without the need to take the pipe sections offline to test pipe integrity
• Detect (within a certain radius tolerance) leaks of jet fuel within a short time upon such occurrence• Not overly interfere with airport operations, either during installation, or during operation
• Be economically viable at scale across the airport

Challenge Owner(s)Edtrix Innovation
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Education Services

How might we create a capable digital learning companion that provides optimal recommendations and guidance based on the learner’s physical and mental state, learning habits, preferences, and academic results?


Proof-of-concept solution for a digital learning companion capable of:

• Supporting, encouraging and guiding a learner throughout the learning journey 
• Seamless and proactive analysis of user’s behavioural patterns and biometrics

 User-friendly proof-of-concept solution containing the following features:

• Learn the user’s preferences, behaviour, and personality;
• Monitor and respond in real-time to user’s affective state such as 
blood volume pulse, sleep activity, ECG; and• Provide appropriate guidance based on a learning profile.