Innovation Challenges

Challenge Owner(s)
MCI Career Services, Scoot, Birkhall Asia, BFEE, Liquinex, KinderWorld, Khazanah, Ikeda Group, Aventis, National Parks
, Workforce Singapore, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Lingua Technologies, Singapore Retailers Association (SRA), Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), NTUC Learning Hub, Potions
Organiser(s) Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)
Industry Type(s)
Application Start Date 28 October 2020
Application End Date 11 December 2020
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IMDA’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP) is a virtual crowd-sourcing platform that connects and matches real business challenges or digitalisation opportunities of Problem Owners to Problem Solvers. The platform accelerates sectoral digital transformation and expands innovation capacity in Singapore. Industry-wide problem statements are now hosted on the OIP.

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Challenge Owner(s)NTUC Learning Hub
Industry Types(s)Education Services

How might we capture and analyse relevant sentiments around job trends from multiple digital platforms to enhance NTUC Learning Hub’s marketing efforts of their learning courses?


A prototype platform that uses technologies (e.g. big data, AI, or other smart backend engines) to capture job trends from working professionals and job seekers. Through the analysis, recommend effective marketing content and outreach channels tailored to the learner’s needs.

The solution should be able to provide:

• Up-to-date Job Trends Sentiments: Amalgamate data (e.g. digital platforms like LinkedIn, community forums, search engines) and represent findings of job trends in a data visualised-data report or dashboard. It should allow the user to do further analysis and make use of the data to perform business intelligent decisions. o Job trends include popular job types, target audience, and content curation tailored to the needs of these jobseekers.

Challenge Owner(s)NTUC Learning Hub
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Education Services

How might we implement an AI trainer to deliver course content, supplementing our trainers, to improve efficiency while maintaining consistent training quality and ensuring learner’s satisfaction?


A working prototype solution for an AI Trainer that will be able to facilitate a simple course in place of a human trainer and deliver consistent learning experiences for students on a 1-to-1 basis.

The AI Trainer should be able to perform the following functions: • Conduct a minimal module duration of (30mins – 1 hr) if possible longer, with the option of a human trainer interjection only when the AI Trainer is unable to answer questions 

• Seamlessly interact and answer questions from students in real-time (similar to interactions with a human trainer)

• Allow for easy upload of course materials and FAQs by existing human


• Have a humanoid avatar who will conduct the course

Challenge Owner(s)Potions
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Healthcare & Biomedical

How might we provide data-driven personalised skincare recommendations to enable hassle-free skin care for the Asian market?


A working prototype solution that will enable Potions to upscale their current business model, while maintaining personalised customer interactions.

This solution should be able to perform the following functions:
• Skincare Needs analysis
• Skincare Recommendation
• Virtual Beauty Consultant Chatbot
• Feedback Loop
• Order Delivery System
• Personal Profile Tracker
• Data Insights
• Beauty Community

Challenge Owner(s)Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Electronics

How might we enable inter-operability among existing legacy and newly installed sensors of different wireless protocols and networks for remote monitoring and process control using IIoT solutions?


A prototype solution that integrates wireless sensors of different protocol and network into an existing legacy to support wireless and real-time remote monitoring and process control with the following capabilities:

• Real-Time Data Capture
• Data Dashboard
• Cost-effective
• Network Compatibility
• Site-wide Connectivity
• Long-lasting Battery
• Safety
• Secure and Reliable

Challenge Owner(s)Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Electronics

How might we create an industrial real-time machine monitoring and predictive maintenance solution for industrial cutting tools to optimise equipment lifespan by utilising IIoT?


A prototype wireless solution, free of external wires, that is able to accurately capture, transmit data in real-time for accurate assessment and prediction of equipment health, possibly through an AI-algorithm.

The solution should match the following criteria:
• USABILITY: Easily mounted and deployed on various cutting machines 
or tools, to capture and transmit useful data from cutting machines in real-time with high data throughput. It should be able to capture the relevant data parameters cost-effectively such as vibration and force (other feasible data parameters can also be proposed).

• SAFETY: Wireless, or free of external wires/cables, to reduce safety risks of power and data transmission cables in the work environment.

Challenge Owner(s)Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Electronics

How might we create an automated real-time asset tracking and management system to maximise asset utilisation and support business process more effectively?


An automated asset tracking and management system for industrial usage, capable of real-time monitoring.

The solution should be able to provide:
• Real-Time Data Capture
• Asset Tracking
• Asset Management
• Accessible And Collaborative
• Asset Evaluation
• Data dashboard
• Compatible

Challenge Owner(s)Singapore Retailers Association (SRA)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Retail

How might we enable cost-effective, seamless delivery of small retailers’ goods to domestic and international customers, by aggregating orders and utilising existing freelance delivery networks.


A prototype solution that will enable a cheaper and more convenient eCommerce fulfilment & delivery solution of small goods, which will help retailers access new local (and in the future, international) markets.

The prototype should allow retailers (and in some cases, customers themselves) to quickly and seamlessly seek cost-effective delivery from existing freelance driver networks. The solution should include the following features or functions:

This is a backend solution where retailers can seamlessly access a pool of delivery networks to fulfil their delivery of online shopping orders.

This is intended to be integrated into the retailer’s own ordering system which would send instructions directly to this backend solution for delivery fulfilment
Challenge Owner(s)Lingua Technologies
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

How might we expand the capacity and accelerate the translation jobs matching process, to provide trusted quality translation jobs at scale?


A working prototype solution that allows LTI to optimise their resources and upscale their current business model, while maintaining the quality of translation jobs to clients.

The solution should include the following criteria:

• Resource Onboarding and Management
• Job Matching and Assignment
• Automated Workflows
• Collaboration Tools
• Financial Management
• Machine-Learning Engine 

Challenge Owner(s)Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

How might we achieve a shared cross-industry approach to obtain and track consent to share and use consumer data, in a trusted, safe, and responsible manner that enables business collaboration, while maintaining consumer trust in how businesses manage & use their data?


A prototype solution that will enable a new approach towards obtaining and tracking consent in a consolidated manner across businesses that is trusted by consumers and in compliance to regulations.

The solution should be able to perform the following functions:

Customer consent experience

• Future Consent Experience

• Scope Of Consumer Data

• Consent Management Interface

• Consent Control

Challenge Owner(s)Workforce Singapore
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

How might we increase match rate between jobseekers and employers on MyCareersFuture?


A working prototype solution that will provide highly accurate job-matching services that will also increase the engagement and usage of the portal by employers.

The solution should lead to more interview opportunities and successful hiring of applicants via MCF by employers in Singapore. There are two key checkpoints for the solutions:

• Ability to address mismatches between jobseekers and employers, applying corrective action thereafter. For example, when jobseeker applies for a job that is not within their skillset or experience, the portal suggests programmes to bridge the mismatch.

• Ability to identify missed matches e.g a suitable job unknown to the jobseeker is being recommended 
Challenge Owner(s)National Parks
Industry Types(s)
Electronics, Food Manufacturing, Healthcare & Biomedical, Logistics

How might we automatically sense the health of chickens in trucks at a border checkpoint, so that we can effectively manage the biosecurity risk of avian influenza?


A prototype solution that will provide rapid and accurate avian influenza detection and surveillance among the imported chicken population during the routine customs inspection. It will be installed onsite at Tuas Checkpoint.

The solution should be able to perform the following functions: • Automated health sensing: The solution must be able to automatically perform sensing of the health status of the live poultry (detecting dead or diseased birds). This could be done via body temperature and movement detection, or any other way of detecting death or disease, using physical signs and symptoms of potential avian influenza (such as discharges from eyes or haemorrhage on the skin.

• Network transmission: The solution must be able to transfer the sensor information to a computer device on site for analysis.
Challenge Owner(s)National Parks
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Electronics

How might we improve the traceability of pet dogs to effectively identify and trace back to their pet owners easily and accurately?


A prototype solution that would enable accurate identification of a licensed dog in Singapore, using current widely available smartphone capabilities. AVS is open to any form of a solution, as long as it can work within the specified parameters. Unique signal and sensor to determine animal identity 

The solution will require a way of accurately linking the dog’s identity to a signal relating to that animal via a commonly access device, such as smartphones.

Currently, this is achieved by a RFID microchip implanted under the skin, which cannot be read by smartphones.

Potential solutions could include: • Next-generation microchip that can be implanted under the animal’s skin and easily read by a smartphone and preferably have a good readability range

Challenge Owner(s)Aventis
Industry Types(s)Education Services

How might we design a cost-effective corporate training platform to simplify the process of employee training courses with clear training outcomes for management and employees?


A prototype solution that can support HR personnel in ensuring corporate training programmes can effectively meet the needs of the organisation, while streamlining the back-end HR processes and quantifying training effectiveness for stronger management buy-in.

The solution should include:

• Intelligent Course Matching
• Training Management Dashboard
• Participant Module
• Post-Training Analysis
• Smart Reporting
• Feedback Loop
• Compatible with existing learning platforms 

Challenge Owner(s)Ikeda Group
Industry Types(s)Healthcare & Biomedical

How can we better identify viable ingredient-mix to accelerate the R&D process for new skincare, without compromising on the product quality?


A prototype solution that helps identify viable ingredients faster and/or create a digital testing model with dynamic and versatile human skin modelling capabilities that can be customised for different ethnicities, skin concerns and type.

The solution should match most of the following criteria:

• Robust Testing: Solution must have dynamic and versatile digital human skin modelling capabilities that can be customised for different ethnicities, skin concerns (e.g. allergies) and skin types (e.g. dry skin, sensitive skin, etc.). It must be able to test for different product factors, such as stability of ingredients, safety of ingredients and formula, moisturising effect of formula, effects of allergens, etc., against different human skin models. Solution must allow users to select various parameters for the purpose of the 3D human skin testing, such as age, skin type, allergens, and intended effects of the new product formula.

Challenge Owner(s)Khazanah
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

How might we automate job matching for the end-to-end recruitment of mechanics, which can also enable greater accountability and transparency in the automotive industry?


A prototype solution that automates and simplifies the match for workshop owners to search and filter suitable candidates, and for Khazanah to easily manage the entire process from a single digital platform, which includes:

• Candidate Recruitment – Efficiently onboard candidates from various cities with minimal human intervention while ensuring the accuracy of the information collected. This would include registering new hires, scheduling for on-site assessments or interviews, and completing the necessary onboarding procedures.

• Candidate Matching– Recommending relevant candidates to the right jobs, depending on both workshop owners’ requirements and mechanics’ skill set and experience. Ideally, this solution would also allow owners and mechanics to communicate for clarifications as needed

Challenge Owner(s)KinderWorld
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Education Services

How might we create a digital learning, engagement and communication platform to enhance the information exchange between students, teachers and parents to serve each of their individual needs?


A prototype digital learning, engagement and communication platform: • Solution must facilitate information sharing and communication between parents, students and teachers

• Solution must have feedback loops for all three types of users, in order to help parents and teachers understand and identify the different learning needs of students, and to allow students to seek for mentorship, support and guidance from adults o Enhanced communication and information-sharing would increase the transparency and trust between students, parents and teachers

• Solution must provide regular updates and information -sharing on the latest COVID-19 health and safety policy updates put in place by schools

Challenge Owner(s)
Liquinex, BFEE, Birkhall Asia
Industry Types(s)Environmental Services

How might we provide for a digital assessment, recommendation and maintenance management tool for grease separation and food waste treatment systems, so that the solution is customised and optimised to site conditions in compliance with local regulations?


A prototype solution that enables users to input their grease separation and food waste treatment requirements and site conditions on a digital platform and receive recommended design for usage.

The platform should provide:

• Immediate assessment of customer needs and site conditions • Smart recommendation of customised design that is optimised for effective use

• Offer informed decision making through comparison and visualization of lifecycle impact on the customer’s selection

• Provide 2D and 3D visualisation of recommended designs to easily contract qualified contractors to build

• Schedule and track maintenance tasks and history, based on data of product usage status collected manually or digitally

Challenge Owner(s)Scoot
Industry Types(s)
Air Transport, Financial Services

How might we create an end-to-end invoice validation and verification system to accurately match expenses incurred through both operational and invoice data so as to increase the accuracy and speed of the invoice reconciliation process?


A prototype data extraction and automated invoice verification system, with machine learning capabilities:

• Solution must attain 100% accuracy during the data extraction process when extracting operational data from Scoot’s supporting documents, as well as extracting invoice data from vendor invoices o Solution must be able to support, read and extract data from invoices even when different vendors/services use different invoice formatting and/or different file types E.g. .csv, .xls, .pdf, .jpg

• Solution should reduce manpower, time and resources needed for manual data entry during the data extraction process. Scoot users should only interact with the solution to verify and approve the data that has been extracted and to make changes if necessary. 

Challenge Owner(s)MCI Career Services
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

How might we create a smart manpower-matching platform that accelerates and automates job placement, to maximise candidates productivity and manage a growing ecosystem of job candidates and hiring companies?


A prototype solution to streamline traditional recruitment tasks and processes from candidate acquisition to onboarding and payroll, in order to increase productivity, hasten time-to-hire, and reduce cost-per-hire.

This platform should perform the following functions:

• A user-friendly mobile platform that aggregates all potential Job openings (i.e.project-specific requirements and scheduling), Candidates skillsets and mostimportantly customised manpower solutions of past projects and document management.

• Automatic job matching and notification to candidates for their easy selection.

Registering, e-onboarding (document submissions), scheduling, and candidates briefing, e-contract signing.

• Digitalise and automate the candidate’s attendance record submission for timely payroll / time-sheet verification and calculations 

• Seamless integration into MCi’s finance and Payroll systems.