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Challenge Owner(s)
PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore(MINDS), SMRT Experience, Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society, Sentosa Development Corporation, Danone, Discipline Dynamics, Doctor On Click, One Wellness Fitness Club, Pontiac Land
, SMRT Corporation Ltd, Boustead Projects, Frasers Hospitality, National Council of Social Service, Pan Pacific Hotels Group, GeoWorks, Soilbuild Construction Group Ltd, Central Provident Fund, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), United Test and Assembly Center Ltd, Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA)
Organiser(s) Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)
Industry Type(s) Food Manufacturing
Application Start Date 22 July 2020
Application End Date 11 September 2020
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Think you’ve got what it takes to solve real business problems? The latest Innovation Call for IMDA’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP) is here and boasts 18 exciting challenges from Problem Owners such as BCA, CPF, Danone, Sentosa Development Corporation and more!

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Challenge Owner(s)Pontiac Land
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Electronics, Real Estate

How can we create a smart facility management asset tagging system to facilitate better operational and maintenance planning?


A prototype solution that can intelligently track a wide variety of physical assets and perform the following functions: •

Tag assets to access information easily: User-friendly asset tagging solution (using RFID / QR / Barcode / other tagging solutions / combination of solutions) with location tracking capability and wash-ability, which allows users to access information of the asset via a mobile app; information to be provided could include asset cost, specifications, parts, past maintenance service records, location

Refer to Pontiac Land Challenge Brief for more information

Challenge Owner(s)Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Precision Engineering

How might we create an automated material handling and wafer inspection solution that can integrate with exiting centralised WIP Management system in order to reduce manual intervention, decrease cost, and improve the efficiency of the material inspection, handling and WIP processes?


A “one-source” proof-of-concept solution that is able to perform material inspection, including automated material handling system for the loading/unloading process.

The solution will initially be tested on Tool 1, Tool 2 and Tool 3 steps of the process. The solution must have the ability to integrate with and communicate with various machinery throughout the manufacturing process. In addition:

• The Solution-Provider must have full coverage of the material manufacturing process in mind when proposing a modular solution for the POC 

• The solution must be able to cover the inspection and loading/unloading processes between the first two steps of the manufacturing process 

Refer to UTAC Challenge Brief for more information.

Challenge Owner(s)SMRT Experience
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Land Transport

How might we leverage on commuters’ data insights to better serve in a way that is appreciated?


A prototype solution that can effectively collect consumer data from consumers, combine it with existing SMRT data to generate actionable insights into consumers, their preferences and the behaviours. 

The solution should include:

• Enhanced collection: a means of collecting additional data from commuters in a way that they consent to, and preferably incentivises them to do so. This could include anything from promoted interactions (app-based surveys) through to station-based sensors. Non-intrusive solutions will be preferred. Real-time location data is particularly important for our vision.

• Data integration: the solution can ingest data from the existing SMRT data holdings (transport movements, customer loyalty programs etc.), as well as third party datasets (for example social media) that may be brought into the solution.

• Refer to SMRT Challenge Brief for more information
Challenge Owner(s)
Pan Pacific Hotels Group, PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore Hotel Association
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Hospitality

How might we create a digital mobile check-in and check-out solution in order to provide a seamless and contact-less check-in and check-out experience that is safe and secured to protect guests’ privacy?
A prototype mobile solution that can be integrated with existing digital concierges or to provide an end-to-end seamless and contact-less check-in and check-out experience to increase guests’ convenience and reduce human interaction.
The solution should:
• Ensure it is equipped to perform all check-in and check-out functions, including the ability to verify travel and identification documents, booking documents, payment details, and make payment upon check-out, integrated with ICA (or other government stipulated system) for authentication and verification
• Ideally reduce human interaction and contact and minimize in-lobby waiting times
• Refer to SHA Challenge Brief for more information
Challenge Owner(s)Doctor On Click
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Healthcare & Biomedical

How might we more accurately predict the need for knee replacement in patients with osteoarthritis, so as to minimise the need for surgery through early intervention?


A Proof-of-Concept (POC) solution that will leverage on advanced AI technology and deep machine learning to learn from an extensive database of knee OA cases, thereby enabling doctors to make better recommendations for patients 35-78 years, on when is the right time to do an operation.

The solution should consist of both the AI component and also an app platform that will allow patients and care-givers to access information on knee health and treatment options. The predictive component should also be flexible to plug into other doctor’s existing systems for seamless and secure integration with their workflow.

Refer to Doctor Plus Wellness Challenge Brief for more information

Challenge Owner(s)One Wellness Fitness Club
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

How might we create a smart, interactive fitness platform that can intelligently engage and provide multiple players real-time personalised guidance to each participant for safe, effective Yoga practice in both individual and classroom settings?


A prototype of a fitness platform that can intelligently engage and guide each student in classroom-style setting anytime, anywhere

• Personalised Yoga lessons with real-time tracking and correction of inaccurate postures for students to track progress and reduce potential injuries

• Real-time tracking and analysis of individual students’ movements to allow instructors to identify mistakes and correction needed

• Machine able to continuously improve from the instructors’ pose as it conducts more virtual classes

• Able to integrate a library of Yoga postures, and allows instructors to input new Yoga postures as required into the machine

• Able to integrate with mainstream smartphone and virtual conferencing tools (e.g. Zoom)

Wearables are not ideal to maximise comfort for users 

Challenge Owner(s)
Singapore Hotel Association and FHA-HoReCa, Frasers Hospitality, Singapore Hotel Association
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Hospitality

How might we create a seamless centralised and proactive digital concierge system for all guest interactions from reservation, during stay and check-out, in order to streamline, enhance and customise the guest’s experience with Frasers through gathered guest data?


A prototype solution that that creates a more customised, streamlined guest experience and helps Fraser more effectively handle customer data with the following functions:

• The guest-facing interface should be centralised, providing seamless backend integration and only require guests to input no more than once

• The solution is able to manage the guest’s needs from end-to-end of their experience and interaction with FrasersFrom the booking and reservations phase, to arrival at hotel, to in-house requests 

• The solution must answer FAQs about reservations, direct guests to the bookings page at an appropriate point in their booking journey, and handle day-to-day in-house guest requests

• The solution must maintain a consistent interface from the reservation phase to the in-house phase (pre-arrival to departure) to create a unified guest experience across all Fraser touch points

• Refer to Fraser Challenge Brief for more information
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Financial Services

How do we provide seamless and easy connection with third party platforms to deliver compelling and complementary products and services?


A Proof-of-Concept solution for enhanced service and data connectivity with potential.

The solution should include the following capabilities: 

Standardised connectivity for ecosystem: design and delivery of a suitable suite of APIs (or recommendation of existing standard APIs) that can enable simple, quick connectivity between the Problem Owner’s digital services and those of potential digital partners, with the following considerations:

• While the ecosystem may feature proprietary APIs, the intent is to be able to connect with new partners easily, who may not be from the insurance industry, and APIs therefore need to be easy to extend to these new, diverse partners, and easy for them to adopt.

• The connectivity needs to permit both service connectivity (e.g. integration of service offerings and microservices between partners), sales connectivity (seamless commercial transactions) and data connectivity (sharing of customer data, to power the customer insights solution below).

• Refer to Insurance Challenge Brief for more information.

Challenge Owner(s)
National Council of Social Service, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore(MINDS), Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Healthcare & Biomedical


How might we detect emerging behavioural and health issues of clients in social sector agencies, to minimise harm to the individual and those around them through early intervention ?
A prototype solution that would sense, detect and alert the staff in the SSA of potential indicators of behavioural issues or vital sign anomalies that could result in harm to the clients.
The solution should provide the following capabilities:
• Sensing and detection capabilities: The solution should be able to detect potential signs that would indicate a potential behavioural incident such as erratic body movement (such as pacing, arms flailing), specific changes in facial expressions, increase in vocalisations and noise. Additional capabilities may extend to detecting changes in other body signs that may be a proxy indicator of erratic body movements, such as elevated temperature, increase sweating etc. Solutions that monitor clients’ vital signs, must include minimally temperature, heart and respiration rate by non -intrusive means.
• Refer to NCSS Challenge Brief for more information 


Challenge Owner(s)Discipline Dynamics
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Education Services

How do we develop a data -driven platform that recommends a localised and customised learning program for accelerated digital learning?


A prototype solution for the consultancy industry that is able to:

• Integrate a library of consulting service modules, tools and exercises, which includes digitalising existing content and consulting tools in a user - friendly and engaging manner

• Recommend suitable tools and exercises for corporates through an intelligent assessment of their learning needs and capabilities

• Collect, analyse and synthesise data into actionable insights and personalised feedback for tracking and reviewing of progress by participants and consultants

• Provide the option for clients to customise their purchase of modular consultancy services, tools and toolkit and relevant courses (i.e. learning/consulting format/frameworks - online, offline or hybrid)

• Support multiple Asian languages for speech analysis, content translation and transcription (e.g. translate and transcribe file uploads, if necessary, to local language for easier comprehension and communication)
Challenge Owner(s)Sentosa Development Corporation
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Hospitality, Retail

How might we elevate the overall Sentosa experience via an intelligent robotic service system, strengthening Sentosa’s reputation as the premier leisure and entertainment destination for both local and foreign visitors?


A prototype smart robot solution that encompasses a networked system of sensors, automation and virtual assistance that can be used by Sentosa guests to create a fun and engaging experience while getting the required assistance for various activities.

SDC should also be able to utilise this solution to gather data that would help the team improve delivery of guest services over time. This solution shall be integrated with SDC’s existing systems for greater synergy and seamless experience. E.g. SDC’s ticketing system, chat bot service, etc. Details are elaborated upon in the sections below. 

SDC is open to alternative forms of the solutions that bring together physical and virtual channels for interacting with customers to deliver the following features:

• Refer to Sentosa Challenge Brief for more information.

Challenge Owner(s)Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

How might we create an automated and intelligent contextualised transcribing system, in order to accurately and efficiently facilitate post-meeting activities?


A working prototype for an intelligent and automated transcribing platform which streamlines the transcribing, summarising and project management processes, that matches the following criteria:

• Accuracy: Solution must be able to automatically recognise multiple audio inputs and tag different speakers, accurately recognising the Singapore accent and colloquialism with 80-90% accuracy. Solution can leverage on the Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engine developed by IMDA and the National Speech Corpus (a Singapore-accented English Corpus) to train their model, if selected.

• Timeliness: Solution must be able to produce transcripts near real-time (e.g. for a three hours recording, the transcript should be produced within three hours from the end of the meeting).

Refer to IMDA challenge brief for more information 
Challenge Owner(s)Danone
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Food Manufacturing

How might we enhance the customer stickiness value using digital technology to revolutionise the packaging of formula milk?


A “magic box” packaging solution that incorporates digital elements to provide a seamless and memorable formula-making experience.

The packaging should fulfil these roles:

• Provide an integrated digital and physical customer experience before, during, and after using the product 

• Provide a digital means for users to retrieve preparation instructions and other vital information like expiry dates even when they transfer the powder to another container

• A way for parents to track feeding times and the amount of formula to prepare for subsequent feeds when the baby consumes a different amount of formula than planned

• A digital way to guide new users on making formula quickly so that other people can help the parents to make formula without too much onboarding and to check the quality and safety of the milk powder

Refer to Danone(Stickiness) challenge brief for more information
Challenge Owner(s)Danone
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Food Manufacturing

How might we reduce the inconvenience of milk powder handling, and better support caregivers (or users of milk powder) to track and ensure that the baby gets the right amount of milk daily?


A prototype digital solution that can help to improve the user experience in the milk preparation, to reduce the frustrations and inaccuracy of milk preparation.

The solution should be able to perform the following functions:

• Provides necessary data during milk preparation according to the baby’s milk stage

• Tracks and records the milk preparation to ensure the baby gets the right amount daily

• Convenient and clean method to prepare milk powder

• Provides digital alternative methods to better measure, possibly to reduce the use of plastic consumption (currently, plastic scoops are the main methods of measuring milk powder)

Challenge Owner(s)GeoWorks
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Real Estate

How might we scan indoor spaces in 3D and extract high quality semantics of the scanned 3D model assets in a fast and scalable manner?


A prototype platform that will provide for Rapid mapping with quick updating of 3D assets such that the platform can detect changes to the physical environment quickly;

• Accurate and high-quality scanning of indoor spaces by scheduled routes or last-minute human intervention for route changes;

• Creation and export of 3D models into common industry formats (e.g. BIM, CityGML);

• Semantic extraction from the scans to place Points of Interest markers accurately on the map within 2m, with the relevant information;

• Possibly a data management layer for ETL process, computer vision and AI 3D scans;

• GPS correction and relative position for GPS denied areas;

• Flexibility and interoperability, catering to a growing set of complementary features and data. As more developers use the platform, the datasets (and the variety of the datasets) will grow

Challenge Owner(s)Soilbuild Construction Group Ltd
Industry Types(s)Real Estate

How might we use a digital platform during the tender stage of a project to collate suppliers’ quotations, based on the tender’s scope of works and intelligently recommend an optimized outcome for the decision-makers in the tender team through evaluation of multiple options, leading to increase in productivity and enhanced decision-making?


A prototype solution of a digital platform that can be used by main contractors (like Soilbuild) and sub-contractors (suppliers) and can automate large parts of the tendering process.

The solution should be able to perform the following functions:

• Manage a database of suppliers to the construction industry, maintaining a record of their performance, financial position and supply, and enabling suppliers to register onto the platform

• Receive a quantity take-off list that specifies materials needed for a tender, and can select suppliers to whom it should issue a ‘request of quote’ based on the materials (quantity, dimensions, quality, mix and timeframe) and the suppliers (match to materials specified, sectoral experience, track record and financial position)

• Prepare RFQs for review by the SBCG team, who can then issue the RFQs directly to the suppliers within the solution

Refer to Soilbuild Challenge Brief for more information.
Challenge Owner(s)Central Provident Fund
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Financial Services

How might we automate the clarifications about CPF-related DRUMS seamlessly and quickly using AI, to encourage members to fact check and notify CPF Board when new DRUMS surface?


A prototype solution that applies AI to automate the process of providing accurate clarifications and response on DRUMS to CPF members. 

The solution should:

• Minimally address 10 perennial DRUMS listed in Annex 3 and allow the CPF Board to add more clarifications over time. It should make provisions to include all existing DRUMS responses when the prototype is successfully deployed.

• Proposals that can derive a prototype that addresses all existing DRUMS will be accorded higher scoring in the evaluation. Clarification (i.e. answers/responses) for 15 perennial DRUMS clarified through “Real or Not” content can be found within the Facebook posts or YouTube videos in Annex 2. For DRUMS listed under “CPF Clarifies” webpage (24 in total), the solution should direct users to read the official responses published on the website (i.e. provide a link to the official response under the “CPF Clarifies” section on CPF Board’s website).

• Be able to be deployed in a digital platform, including but not limited to messaging apps, social media platforms or websites. Justifications for choice of platform should be included. Access to CPF’s social media platforms and “Are You Ready” website can be granted if it does not affect current operations, UI and UX and wireframes, as well as security.

• Allow users to surface new DRUMS to CPF Board for follow-up, and in turn allow CPF Board to detect new DRUMS (i.e. through the escalation of DRUMS that users have submitted but the proposed solution is unable to clarify).

Refer to CPF challenge brief for more information.
Challenge Owner(s)
Boustead Projects, Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Real Estate

How might we create an intelligent BIM-based solution to identify, track and consolidate recurring issues in 3D models and drawings for future projects, so as to accelerate the compliance of regulatory and design requirements?


A prototype BIM-based solution with machine-learning and data analytics capabilities to facilitate the BIM coordinator work process. 

The solution should:

• Support cross-platform interoperability and integration with existing software, such as BIM Track and Navisworks, to work on 2D and 3D documents in a user-friendly way

• Be able to identify and track issues in 3D models and drawings for past, current and prepare for future projects

• Generate BIM coordination reports for different stakeholders for review and approval

• Make avail collaboration and project management functions to share BIM coordination reports, track progress and manage resources between internal and external stakeholders

• Consolidate unstructured qualitative data into a database for further data mining and discovery

• Allow BIM Coordinators to input BCA regulatory requirements into database

• Be able to process and learn through the database of historical data, to convert unstructured data into semi-structured and structured data points