Innovation Challenges

Challenge Owner(s)
Panasonic, Nokia, Ricoh
IPI Singapore, Panasonic, Nokia, Ricoh, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
Industry Type(s)
Digital/ICT, Electronics, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Land Transport
, Logistics, Real Estate, Retail
Opportunities and Support Opportunities to co-develop and testbed solutions with Multinational corporations, and gain marketing and media coverage
Application Start Date 18 December 2020
Application End Date 31 May 2021
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About Challenge

IPHatch Innovation Challenge brings together multi-national corporations to collaborate with start-ups and SMEs using patents/technologies.

The start-ups and SMEs will get to be empowered with the technology seeds from the corporations, join our IPHatch communities spanning across Asia and Europe and be funded by our wide network of funding partners.

Selected companies will be fully assigned with the patents, get to implement the patents and develop the solutions within their business, and have an opportunity to work with the multi-national corporations worldwide.

This initiative is supported by Innovation Partner for Impact (IPI) in Singapore and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) in Malaysia.

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