Innovation Challenges

Challenge Owner(s)
Origin HR Solutions, Admiral Associates Pte Ltd, Changi General Hospital, Mobile Credit Payments Pte Ltd, Ori9in, Singapore General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Organiser(s) Institute for Adult Learning (IAL)
Industry Type(s)
Digital/ICT, Education Services
Opportunities and Support Prototyping grant of up to S$200,000
Application Start Date 22 July 2020
Application End Date 7 September 2020
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About Challenge

The InnovPLUS Challenge is a competitive learning innovation grant which awards a prototyping grant of up to $200k to winning teams to develop innovative solutions that advance CET practice and outcomes. The InnovPLUS is organised by iN.LAB of the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), and is run twice a year.


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Challenge Owner(s)Admiral Associates Pte Ltd
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Retail

Escape Master (Company Pseudonym); Admiral Associates (Actual Challenge Owner)

We are a corporate escape room seeking a digitised Escape Room solution to enable the swift and efficient development of company specific skills training. The solution will help adult participants learn or teach specific skills in a dynamic and motivating environment.

What We Are Looking For

Without predefining the solution before the solution(ist) partner has had chance to share their creative technological ideas … we would hope that the solution:
• Runs on smartphones and tablets
• Has “lego” like building blocks and a drag and drop flow-chart authoring tool
• Simple and elegant to use for the creation and provision of training
• Potentially a multi-user solution, if technologically achievable at effective cost
But we are open to the solution(ists) input.

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Challenge Owner(s)Changi General Hospital
Industry Types(s)Healthcare & Biomedical

AB Hospital (Company Pseudonym); Changi General Hospital (Actual Challenge Owner)

We are a public hospital seeking a learning solution to translate the theory-based knowledge of pressure injuries into practical skills for nurses through lifelike experience in a simulated environment. The solution would also serve as a platform where new best practices related to pressure injuries are accessible by nurses at their own time and place. We envisage that the solution would enhance the users' learning experiences with better retention of pressure injury related knowledge that could be translated to better quality of care rendered to patients, leading to improvement of patient outcomes.

What We Are Looking For

The requirements of the solution should meet the following:
• Portable and accessible by users at their own time and place
• Modular allowing add-ons of other clinical topics, not limiting to pressure injury.
• Easy management for content change
• Ability to track users' performance
• Customisation and management of user accounts

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Industry Types(s)Hospitality

Isle Oasis in the City (Company Pseudonym)

We are a luxury hotel property in the Marina Bay District seeking a dynamic learning solution to aid in the cross training of staff so as to develop a deeper talent resource pool for cross deployment during critical periods in the hotel operations.

What We Are Looking For

Platform requirements that would be desirable are:
• Cloud-based hosting
• Role-based access/permissions
• Able to create organizational hierarchies and groups to allow for different access controls and preferences/setups
• (As far as possible) required features are seamlessly integrated within the system, not requiring separate purchasing and licensing etc
• Mobile learning friendly (not merely responsive design)
• Content tagging for sharing/re-using of learning resources

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Challenge Owner(s)Mobile Credit Payments Pte Ltd
Industry Types(s)Financial Services

Herohippo (Company Pseudonym)

We are payment technology and merchant service company seeking a learning solution to enhance the skills training and competency assessment of payment solution executives. We envisage that the solution would enhance the proper KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedures are followed with simulations of screening, approving, on-boarding and implementing merchants' digital payment gateway. This will be in compliance with the MAS requirements.

What We Are Looking For

This mobile learning is location free. The employees, merchants and clients can be from different locations with internet access.

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Challenge Owner(s)Origin HR Solutions
Industry Types(s)Digital/ICT

IDEA (Company Pseudonym); Origin HR Solutions (Actual Challenge Owner)

We are a HR consulting services company seeking a learning solution that would support data driven skills assessment to shape continuous coaching to help both internal staff of organisations as well as individuals in job transitions and seeking to pivot in a post-COVID 19 world.

What We Are Looking For

We envision a solution to capture 360 photos and point cloud data to quantify the site progress automatically. A common platform to update, view and validate the site progress data and extract the site progress report from the platform automatically.

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Challenge Owner(s)Singapore General Hospital
Industry Types(s)Healthcare & Biomedical

Academic Medical Centre (Company Pseudonym); Singapore General Hospital (Actual Challenge Owner)

We are a tertiary academic medical centre seeking an adaptive learning solution to teach multiprofessional teams best practices for safe guarding against and minimising medication errors, which may happen at any of the many touchpoints in patient treatment throughout the hospital. The solution must allow real-time and personalised assessment and feedback to multi-professional collaborative teams.

What We Are Looking For

The requirements for the solution are outlined as follows:

  • Enable automated virtual teaching and assessment, hence, reducing the need for human trainers
  • Create an experience closest to real-life representation on a virtual platform
  • Allows for multi-players to work together to identify potential patient safety issues, focusing on unsafe medication practices and errors, and select preventive strategies to reduce medication errors
  • Create dialogue management capabilities using natural language processing software to allow healthcare professionals to communicate in natural language
  • Create automated grading and review process of learner's role-play, in an unbiased and comprehensive way. The system will be designed with the ability to record action taken and how tasks are executed. The system will give real-time analysis and provide feedback specific to the learner's approach to simulated situations
  • Create a user analytics based interface for administrators, with interactive dashboard based on user data. Allow administrators to keep track of both user and system performance
  • Solution can be further expanded to allow educators to create intelligent and smarter positioned content that is adaptive, intuitive and responsive to learners' needs

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Challenge Owner(s)Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Healthcare & Biomedical

Population Health (Company Pseudonym)

We are a hospital of Singapore’s Public Healthcare System seeking a learning solution to increase awareness and understanding of active aging amongst community and employees. We envisage the solution to be highly personalised, predictive and engaging.

What We Are Looking For

To develop a mobile optimised platform that consists of the following 2 portals:

Portal 1: Learning Management System (For Residents)

  1. To develop a series of self-assessment tools for residents to learn more about their health status i.e. psychosocial health, function and nutritional status. These comprise of questionnaires that will help them reflect on and evaluate their lifestyle, mood and social, Clinical Frailty Score and risk of falls, as well as nutritional awareness. The final assessment should also be made available to the residents.
  2. To create an algorithm and a classification system to segment the residents based on their health status, then recommend suitable community programmes/services. This helps to educate and guide residents to appropriate resource(s) in the community that would help them better manage their health.
  3. To incorporate quizzes that would help evaluate learning outcomes i.e. residents’ level of understanding on their health status and the community resources.
  4. To consolidate and organise existing community programme/services resources (LifeSG, Health Promotion Board Health Hub, ActiveSG, Agency for Integrated Care Silver Pages, Ministry of Social and Family development and National Silver Academy) into user friendly bite-sized modules so as to enhance residents’ understanding on the resources available in the community.
  5. To include helplines, list of care providers, relevant announcement (e.g. screening events) and articles and a chat-bot function to facilitate information finding. Residents should also be able to identify and register for relevant programmes/services nearest to their home address.

Portal 2: Games module (For Residents and Staff)

  1. To create game modules to (a) heighten staff’s understanding on importance of collaboration and shifting care into the community and (b) enhance residents’ competencies on the administration of self-assessment tools.
  2. To address (a), there could be an overarching story- and choice-driven role playing game which focuses on elements of collaborations, joining up care, and the challenges faced by residents and providers. Key providers and services from Portal 1 should also be featured in the game to help players better draw relation to the real world.
  3. To address (b), there could be a series of time pressure mini games which incorporate components from the assessment tools for residents to complete in order to assess their various health and social conditions. This could either be incorporated as part of (a) or exist as an independent module. The mini games should serve as an additional avenue to evaluate resident’s functional and cognitive ability e.g. Chair rise, walking speed, cognitive games etc. The scores from the games also serve as additional data points to assist the recommendation of programme in Portal 1. Interesting ‘Did you know’ messages should also be provided to educate the importance of maintaining a good state of functional and cognitive health.
  4. The game modules should be easy to play and stop/pause, with simple controls and short tutorials. It should have outstanding presentation such as hand-drawn illustrations, minimalist graphics and a stylish user interface.
  5. The game modules should illustrate strong synergy with Portal 1.

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