Innovation Challenges

Challenge Owner(s) National Environment Agency (NEA)
Enterprise Singapore, National Environment Agency (NEA)
Industry Type(s)
Environmental Services, Food Services
Opportunities and Support Opportunity to receive grant support to co-develop and testbed solutions with NEA
Application Start Date 18 February 2021
Application End Date 31 May 2021
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About Challenge

The National Environment Agency (NEA) and Enterprise Singapore (Enterprise SG) have jointly launched a Grant Call to encourage greater use of technology and automation, and raise productivity for the collection and pre-processing of soiled crockery for both offsite and onsite centralised dishwashing at hawker centres, food courts and F&B establishments.

For further enquiries on this Innovation Call, please email:

  • – National Environmental Agency for matters pertaining to the problem statements 
  • – IPI Singapore for assistance on:
    • Using the IPI portal for submission of proposal, etc.
    • Matching technology partners to collaborate for this grant call
    • Funding enquiry
Challenge Owner(s)National Environment Agency (NEA)
Industry Types(s)
Environmental Services, Food Services

National Environment Agency (NEA)

Currently, although some hawker centres, food courts and F&B establishments are equipped with Automated Tray Return Systems (ATRS), cleaners are still required to conduct the following labour-intensive tasks:

  • Clear food remnants from the soiled crockery at the ATRS
  • Sort and stack the crockery on the conveyance line of the dish washing machines

What We Are Looking For

The project aims to raise productivity and improve the service quality of cleaning service providers of hawker centres, food courts and F&B establishments. The stationary system(s) should be able to:

  1. Receive trays with crockery and cutlery from patrons
  2. Separate food remnants from crockery and cutlery
  3. Sort and stack the different crockery and cutlery to be ready for both on-site and off-site centralised dishwashing (CDW) machine
  4. Further automate the loading of sorted & stacked crockery and cutlery into an onsite CDW machine

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