Innovation Challenges

Challenge Owner(s)
Gloobe Pte Ltd, Food Culture SG, Tsao Foundation
DesignSingapore Council, IPI Singapore
Industry Type(s)
Circular Economy & Sustainability, Digital/ICT, Education Services, Environmental Services, Food Services
, Healthcare & Biomedical
Opportunities and Support Opportunities to find new partners to collaborate with and potential paid partnerships
Application Start Date 29 September 2021
Application End Date 31 January 2022
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About Challenge

Launched as a partnership between DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) and IPI Singapore (IPI), the Design Think-Tank is a networking and open innovation platform that seeks to open new conversations between corporations/companies, and design and technology communities.

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Challenge Owner(s)Gloobe Pte Ltd
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Education Services, Food Services, Healthcare & Biomedical

Gloobe Pte Ltd

How might we better engage at-risk mothers to proactively manage the risk of gestational diabetes among them?


Glucose metabolism is essential during pregnancy and its dysregulation can result in
gestational diabetes and is defined as diabetes discovered during pregnancy. For many years it is known that GDM has consequences both for the mother and the child. GDM mothers may experience birth complications and can also display metabolic abnormalities of medical significance.

The above makes it important to prevent, diagnose and adequately manage GDM patients.

However, there seem to be a lack in an all-in-one platform for Mothers to be educated,
supported and for healthcare providers to proactively manage the well-being of at-risk

What We Are Looking For

The objective of this innovation call is to develop a platform for the different stakeholders:

  • For users to be empowered and in control of the situation
  • To create a community of support and awareness
  • To seek professional advice from expert nutritionist or gynaecologist
  • For health care providers to keep check the dietary pattern of those at-risk
  • To be able to order and subscribe to the plan and products that Gloobe provide
Key Elements Required in the Solution

  • Possibly a digital platform
  • A UI/UX that that revolves around the need of soon to be mothers
  • Certain Data to be shared with healthcare providers without breaching PDPA
  • An easy-to-use messaging system for expert panellist to answer questions
  • A “reddit” like community for soon to be mothers and mothers to share their experiences
  • An ordering system for users to order products.
  • Possible gamification of good dietary habit and consuming Gloobe products
  • A dietary journal that can be exported by user to be sent to health care provider or stored
  • For the company to reach out to users and to be able to provide expert advice if needed
For more enquiries, please contact Muhammad Khairul Kusor at

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Challenge Owner(s)Food Culture SG
Industry Types(s)
Circular Economy & Sustainability, Food Services

Food Culture SG

How might we design for an experiential engagement for consumers to interact with brands in times of covid and with respect to safe distancing?


Food Culture Singapore [] is a collaborative e-commerce platform that showcases local food brands that are quintessentially Singaporean, including grocery and craft. The online experience allows one to discover new and lesser-known Singaporean brands, learn about the stories behind each brand and be part of the brands’ journeys. It supports up-and-coming local start-ups and time-tested brands who share a common thread of tenacity, passion and innovation.

Food Culture Singapore looks at bringing at least 100 local brands to the platform by this year and is using the platform to enable brands to Go Digital; Connect with Consumers through online and offline (O2O) channels; and Go Global, to access overseas distribution. In Connect with Consumers, brands participate in experiential retail pop-ups to allow for tasting and deeper understanding on what the brand is about. Through this intimate interaction, brands tweak their offerings as well as build a base of loyal customers.

However due to covid-19, popups are a huge concern when it comes to safe distancing, malls also see lesser crowds. The experiential popup needs to be exciting, draw crowds, and allow for sampling.

What We Are Looking For

  • Consumers get to experience the food brands beyond the website, through multiple touchpoints eg. pop-ups with consideration towards covid-19 safety measures
  • Should be able to extend to multiple formats eg. food tasting, demonstrations, workshops or showcases of at least 25 brands
Key Elements Required in the Solution
  • Ability to cater to families
  • Consideration to sustainability
  • Ability for re-use or re-adaptation in other formats / spaces
  • To incorporate local artists or talent
Business Opportunity

Budget: $50,000 in addition possible partnership where, event ticketing is considered, ticket proceeds can be shared.

For more enquiries, please contact Gabriel Chua at

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Challenge Owner(s)Tsao Foundation
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Environmental Services, Healthcare & Biomedical

Tsao Foundation

How might we design for an age-friendly community in Whampoa, that can enable older persons to continue to lead healthy, engaged, and purposeful lives even as Covid-19 becomes endemic? How might we use technology to offer hybrid online-offline experiences that can better engage seniors, build resilience, and strengthen their sense of community?


Covid-19 has put a strain on the wellbeing of seniors, people with dementia, and their caregivers, as they are reliant on the built environment and community participation for a sense of place and identity. As Singapore transitions into endemic living, it will be critical to improve the designs of the built environment in a way that is familiar and distinctive for people with dementia and their caregivers, and reduces the risk of social isolation amongst seniors through engaging hybrid online-offline experiences that can encourage participation and engender a sense of community spirit.

What We Are Looking For

  • Designs for health, safety and well-being (physical, mental, emotional) for the Community for Successful Ageing age-friendly community in Whampoa as Covid-19 becomes endemic
  • Ways to modify the age-friendly built environment in Whampoa to minimise risks of Covid-19 transmission and improve way-finding
  • Novel online-offline hybrid experiences to engage seniors in the community (e.g. through messaging, news or resource platforms) and safely increase their social participation (such as through volunteering or work opportunities as well as regular Comsa programmes)
For more enquiries, please contact Dr Su Aw at

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