Innovation Challenges

Challenge Owner(s) Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)
Organiser(s) Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)
Industry Type(s)
Digital/ICT, Healthcare & Biomedical
Opportunities and Support Receive up to S$500,000 per solution for test bed-opportunity.
Application Start Date 5 February 2024
Application End Date 5 April 2024
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About Challenge

CHISEL Healthcare InnoMatch 2024

With 3 successful runs since 2021, more than 500 companies from over 30 countries have participated in Healthcare InnoMatch - an initiative under the CHI Start-up Enterprise Link (CHISEL) programme that aims to accelerate the adoption of market-ready healthcare innovations that are fit for mainstream use, at speed, at scale.

This year, we are seeking start-ups and SMEs with scalable, end-to-end solutions in strengthening care for a healthier and resilient aging society. Look forward for up to S$500,000 to test bed your solutions with one of the three healthcare clusters as a primary collaborative test-bed site.

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Challenge Owner(s)Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)
Industry Types(s)
Digital/ICT, Healthcare & Biomedical

Strengthening Care for a Healthier and Resilient Ageing Society

How might disruptive innovations enhance existing efforts, bridge critical gaps and fulfil unmet needs in the holistic care of the elderly and young seniors, so as to create sustainable (business model and environment perspective) and personalised care models?

What We Are Looking For

  • Must be at a high level of market readiness i.e.  Technology Readiness Level 7 and beyond, or the equivalent.

  • Must seek to deliver improved patient health outcomes (including but not limited to clinical, functional and patient reported outcomes) and patient experience in line with the challenge statements.

  • Relating to operational processes that do not have a direct impact to patient outcomes will strictly not be accepted.

  • May originate from within or outside of Singapore but are required to be test-bedded and evaluated in one of the three healthcare clusters in Singapore.

  • With the relevant safety and regulatory compliance registration/ approvals/ licensing will be preferred. These must be declared in your application form. While licensing is not a mandatory requirement for participation, these aspects would be used as a gauge of your solution’s maturity.

  • With prior demonstration of clinical efficacy or have been previously validated would be preferred. Proposals in early research studies, early minimally viable products or solutions that are still in development phase will strictly not be accepted.

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· Virtual Info Session - 5 Feb 2024 (Mon), 5.00 PM (GMT+8)
· Virtual Info Session - 19 Feb 2024 (Mon), 10.00 AM (GMT+8)
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