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Ravel designs and implements corporate-startup innovation programs for progressive organisations that better the world. Since 2012, more than 100 corporations have benefited from our insights, programmes, and networks, while our coworking community of startups has raised over $0.75B.

We specialise in Startup-Driven Corporate Innovation to build and scale sustainable growth for our clients, bringing the best of a startups’ mindset and skillset to create speed, velocity, and excitement within your organisation as we design inclusive approaches to bring all parties on board. We also provide you with access to 70+ global startup ecosystems and networks to bring the best talent and technologies to solve your pressing challenges.

Most of all, we are simply a great companion throughout your innovation experience. We listen, design, and deliver end-to-end programs that support your goals. We don’t fuss over the extra meeting, or bill you for that extra hour. If we are in it with you, we are in it for you.

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